Saturday, December 13, 2008

Art Deco Interior Design Key Features

Art Deco.There are many style options you can choose from to decorate your home in today's day and age, even options that one would never have considered back in the 20th century or even in the past few decades. This includes one style from the 20th century that seems to be regaining some popularity recently, and that style is art deco.

Back in the 1920s to 1930s, art deco design was very popular. In that time period, art deco was considered to be functional, elegant, and ultra modern. Art deco designers would often reject the traditional ideas and materials of decoration and interior design, instead opting to use more unusual materials such as ebony, marble, stainless steel, lacquer, aluminum, inlaid wood, sharkskin, and zebra skin. Art Deco Interior Design Key Features.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Best Design For Your Taste And Circumstances

art and design. When you are considering or planning a landscaping improvement, such as a garden, a custom waterfall with the best design for your taste and circumstances can literally be a work of art, and can turn an area of your property into a kind of paradise or sanctuary. And it can be used everyday. There are several different components to waterfall design. One example would be underwater lighting, which would allow you to use a waterfall in the and design.

Tip For Art And Design

Art and Design.If a room in your house lacks character, by simply placing some fine art prints on the walls can actually make quite an impact. Wall pictures are a necessary accessory in your home and are great to tie in with the room's style and color accent. Before you go off to buy some new pictures for your walls there are a few things you need to plan and decide upon. Here is a home interior design guide on how to decorate your space with wall art.Art and Design.

Art and Design.The kind of home you have and the mood, ambience and style of decor you create, should be perfectly designed to suit your lifestyle. Deciding on a style for your room should be determined by the lifestyle you choose and not by what's the latest home interior design trend.Art and Design.

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